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Our Garden Center Tour


Houseplants, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Seeds, Pots, Decorations, Pre-made arrangements, 4in annuals, color tables, and hanging baskets


By the front doors, we have boxes, bags, and plastic for your stuff to go in for your vehicle.

West Wing

3 pack, 4 pack, 6 pack annuals, 3 pack tomatoes, 3 pack peppers, and other 3 pack vegetables. Also 10in hanging baskets.

East Wing

4in Petunias, Million Bells (Calibrochoa), and other annuals. Hanging baskets. At the end of this wing are our WAVE Petunias.


Connects Retail and Bumpy. Our shade plants are right outside to the left when you leave retail.


Has our shrubs and perennials. Both sides of the breezeway.

On the Tables

Right behind bumpy down the alley. This hold perennials of all sizes, grasses, and much more!


I am on the other side of retail! I have hanging baskets, 4 in annuals, like geraniums, lantana, zinnias, verbena, and so much more!

Front of Bumpy

Large trees and evergreen shrubs!

Tree lines

Each tree line is labeled with what kind of tree are in each line! 


Let us know up front what you want when you pay and we are more than happy to help you load!

Front of Retail

Cold crop vegetables, shrubs, smaller ornamental trees, and pre-made arrangements.

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